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Meet Dr. Paige Whalen

Dr. Paige WhalenDr. Paige was born and raised right here on the Gulf Coast in Baldwin County, AL. She graduated from Robertsdale High School and pursued her first degree in Health Science at our local Coastal Alabama Community College. She then received a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Excelsior College in New York. Dr. Paige chose to continue her education and move to Boiling Springs, South Carolina where she completed a Chiropractic Doctorate degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic. While at Sherman College Dr. Paige was also trained and certified in Activator Basic adjusting technique in order to better serve her patients.

Why Chiropractic?

Dr. Paige was first introduced to Chiropractic care at the age of eight by her mother. She received semi-regular care for many years. While under care she did note the difference in her over all agility and body mechanics during half time performances in her high school’s marching band. Dr. Paige states that her body handled the stress and adapted more quickly while being adjusted during her performance season but she never understood why. When determining a career path Dr. Paige decided to research why it was she always felt rejuvenated and more focused after her Chiropractic adjustments.

What she found changed not only her career path but the way that she viewed health care as a whole. She found traditional western medicine’s approach to health care to be reactive and symptom based. While Chiropractic’s approach to health care to be causation and proactive based. Chiropractic care searches for the root problem which produces the symptoms, and helps the body to eliminate that obstacle. This is accomplished through routine adjustments and clearing the nervous system of miscommunications. She states this had a great impact on her decision to pursue a career in science and ultimately choosing to become a Chiropractor.

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