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New Patients

When Can We Celebrate?

Have you made the rounds, going from doctor to doctor, but coming up empty? Have you been told that surgery is the only option?

Good news!

When we celebrate the relief our patients enjoy upon completing their initial course of chiropractic care, many reveal they were similarly hopeless.

But that all changed.

They recall the compassionate way they were treated when they first met Dr. Michelle Kerr Patrick and Dr. Jennifer Michelle Carter. They speak with amazement about how they were truly listened to. They remember how their problem was explained in plain English. They remember the hope and encouragement they received.

That could be you.

Take action now by setting your first, no-obligation appointment. We’ll listen. We’ll explain everything. We’ll offer choices. And we’ll do everything we can to put this episode behind you.

And then we’ll celebrate!

Healing Touch Chiropractic is a comfortable, relaxing place where our patients enjoy spending time. You’re welcome to bring your children with you to your appointment; toys are available and kids are free to be themselves at our office.

Your First Visit

You can complete your paperwork ahead of time or in the office if you’d prefer. Then, you’ll see Dr. Kerr Patrick to talk over your concerns and have a thorough examination. We’ll explain if we can help you and if so, how we plan to do so. You came in to feel better, so we’ll give you a chiropractic adjustment at this appointment.

Following Up

Dr. Kerr Patrick will give you a full report of findings on your second or third visit, depending on what is most appropriate for your situation. You’ll receive information on everything we tested and all results, including your treatment plan and any home instructions.

Each Visit Builds on the Previous One

When you go to the gym, you’re not ready to run a marathon after a single treadmill session. You get a little stronger each time. Chiropractic care can be thought of in the same way. One visit isn’t a magic bullet that will keep you well for life. Each time will strengthen and stabilize your body, getting you back to normal.

You aren’t required to see us for the rest of your life. You’re the boss, and we’re working for you. Our job is providing the best chiropractic care possible every time we see you. You get to choose how much of it you want. Often, our patients realize that they feel healthier when their spine and nervous system are optimized. They may then decide to return for more care periodically to fight off the stresses of life.


Schedule your appointment with us today! We will happily file your insurance for you. Additionally, we participate with ChiroHealth USA accept Care Credit.

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