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Nutritional Analysis at Healing Touch Chiropractic

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Nutritional Analysis at Healing Touch ChiropracticHave you considered what your body needs for you to feel incredible? Chiropractic care can assist your body in returning to optimal health. Often, nutrition can be a vital component to consider. Applied nutritional analysis is available at Healing Touch Chiropractic.

No Needles Necessary

There is no allergy testing, bloodwork or other invasive evaluations necessary. It involves simple muscle testing with Applied Kinesiology. Using your body’s reflexes, we can test each organ in your body to see if it’s functioning well or struggling. If a weak response is given, we’ll give you different supplements from Standard Process® to see which positively influences the reflex.

Resolving Your Health Concerns

You can think of our nutritional analysis like you would building a castle out of Legos. You need every piece in the Lego kit to be able to follow the directions and build your project. Similarly, your body is constantly building new cells, repairing damaged cells, building hormones and neurotransmitters, making energy, etc. If all of this is going to work smoothly you’ve got to have all of the nutritional building blocks your body needs. ANA helps us to identify which nutritional building blocks you are missing or deficient in so that we can help get your body back to building and working at full speed allowing you to feel great again. There are numerous issues that may clear up with nutritional help, including sinus and allergy problems.

REady to learn more?

By becoming a patient with Dr. Kerr Patrick, we’ll look at your particular case to see if ANA may be appropriate for you. The appointment for nutrition takes about an hour. Contact us today to learn more about our natural solutions for healing!

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