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Reviews for our Mobile Location

heart comment bubbleHealing Touch Chiropractic is proud to keep residents of The Port City community healthy through natural chiropractic care. It is our honor to treat each and every patient.

See what our Mobile patients have to say about us below, then contact us to book your appointment today!


Highly Recommended

Dr. Kerr Patrick’s care eliminated the need for a spinal fusion, a hip replacement and relieved constant back pain. Highly recommended!

  • Chris M.

Absolutely Wonderful

I have had chronic back pain and neck pain since my accident in 2000. Dr. Patrick and her staff have been able to work with me in easing my pain, stiffness and discomfort without the use of medications or surgery. They have been absolutely wonderful. I recommend her and her staff to anyone who suffers from chronic pain to try healing touch chiropractic.

  • Eric B.

Better Sleep, Less Stress

I love Healing Touch Chiropractic. Dr. Patrick is so knowledgeable about what is trending in chiropractic care and is eager to share new findings. I have found that monthly maintenance adjustments keep my immune and GI systems on track. I sleep better and recover from daily stresses faster.

  • Felicia L.

More Mindful

Getting chiropractic care with Dr. Patrick has helped change the way I move in a mindful manner. Whether it be yoga, running or even sitting at my desk at work. I no longer have as many discomforting days.

  • Kenyette P.

Better Quality Of Life

I have been seeing Dr. Patrick for more than a year now. During my treatment, I have less pain in my back neck and hips. The reduced pain makes my daily life much better.

  • Margaret B.

Back Pain Gone

My lower back pain has been gone for over a year thanks to Dr. Patrick.

  • Leah N.


Healing Touch Chiropractic has been the adjustment my body needs for an active life! Friendly service with an experienced chiropractor whom loves what she does. If you are in need of a healing touch then come see them! Dr. Patrick has kept me in the game from shoulders to knees. #boom!

  • Andre L.

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