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Acupuncture at Healing Touch Chiropractic in FairhopeAcupuncture has been employed as a health care modality for over 2,500 years. Modern science has begun to understand the secrets of this ancient medicine with the support of new studies conducted by leading scientists, hospitals, and medical research facilities from all over the world. Today, acupuncture is receiving wide acceptance as a respected, valid and effective form of health care.

What About the Needles?

The sensation caused by an acupuncture needle varies. Some people feel a little pain as the needles are inserted, but most people feel no pain at all. The needles are tiny, just a little larger than a cat’s whisker or a human hair.

Feels Great

Where the acupuncture needle has been inserted, you may experience a vague numbness, heaviness, tingling or dull ache. Sometimes people experience a sensation of energy spreading and moving around the needle. This is called the “Qi sensation.” (Qi is pronounced “chee”.) All these reactions are good and a sign that the treatment is working. After treatment, you may feel energized or may experience a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

How Does it Work?

Acupuncture is a time-tested, safe, natural and drug-free health care system that can provide immediate relief and long-lasting benefits. It can help you return to peak performance by restoring the proper and continuous flow of vital energy, called Qi.

Qi circulates within a series of pathways called Meridians. Meridians disperse Qi throughout your body, providing nourishment for every tissue, muscle and tendon. The circulating Qi supports, strengthens, and enlivens your entire body, supplying you with the power to perform, good health, and pain-free living.

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